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The main objective of HyCOMP is to develop a better understanding of the damage accumulation processes in composite cylinders as well as quantitative data on the degradation rate as a function of the type of load and environmental conditions. This will provide the comprehensive scientific and technical basis for justifying as well as improving the set of requirements defined for ensuring the structural integrity of the cylinders throughout their service life.

The outcome of the project will be recommendations gathering broad support for improving the applicable European and international standards and regulation on high-pressure hydrogen cylinders for automotive, transport and stationary applications, as well as defining a strategy for implementing these changes.


These recommendations will include:

fully performance-based design criteria (including safety factors) for composite cylinders intended for storage or transport of compressed hydrogen, allowing to optimize design

improved procedures for design type testing

a common rationale for composite cylinder manufacturing quality assurance

a common rationale and improved methods for in-service inspections and requalification

Such a study is highly critical today to ensure the safe use of cylinders in the context where high pressure (700 bar) hydrogen storage technology is moving into the consumer and mass markets, but also to allow the full optimization potential of composite cylinders because of current designs that are highly conservative.