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2014 : Hycomp Public Deliverables

Deliverable Report WP2

The objective of WP2 was to understand damage accumulation process on thick-walled composite pressure vessel (CPV) cylinders under long-term pressurisation and to evaluate the driving mechanisms causing the degradation to the material.

Deliverable Report WP3

The aim of this Work Package was to develop a better understanding of effects of cyclical and hybrid loads on the cylinder structure in order to justify allowable service life. The results are used to determine test protocols and methodologies to ensure with a required level of assurance that the cylinder will not fail in specified service conditions.

Deliverable Report WP4.4

The scope of the deliverable 4.4 is to address the quality control methods and procedures that can be applied to manufacturing of Type 3 and Type 4 composite cylinders in order to control the variability of the cylinder’s performance.

Deliverable Report D 5.3

The objective of the work package 5 was to characterize the service life of the carbon fiber composite cylinders in the different applications to be considered

  • Cylinders for automotive use (permanently mounted in a vehicle)
  • Transportable cylinders
  • Stationary storage cylinders for hydrogen refueling stations

Deliverable Report WP6.4

The purpose of this deliverable is to summarize the work performed in WP6, and the main results obtained. The first task was to review published and draft Regulations, Codes and Standards(RCS) for all applications covered by HyCOMP (stationary, transportable and on-board). Based on this review, requirements were analyzed and compared in order to identify specific information that HyCOMP has to address.
Then, based on the results obtained in WP2 to WP5, recommendations have been proposed. They cover different topics, such as design requirements and testing procedures for type approval, manufacturing assurance quality and in-service inspection. A list of 8 recommendations is proposed in this deliverable with the corresponding explanations coming from experimental results.

Deliverable Report D7.1

The objective of this Preliminary WP7 Report is to summarize the findings and recommendations concerning the safe storage of compressed hydrogen in composite cylinders and to disseminate the project results for enhanced design requirements and testing procedures so that they can be used by the international hydrogen and fuel cell community.

Deliverable Report WP7.2

The purpose of this deliverable is to propose recommendations for Industry regarding the design and testing of composite pressure vessels (CPVs). In this deliverable, focus has been given to recommendations intended for Industry: composite cylinder manufacturers and end-users (gas supplier). We will detail here lessons learned from HyCOMP project (experimental results and conclusions), and highlight the real meanings for Industry.

Deliverable Report WP7.3

The objective of this deliverable is to summarize and prioritize the findings of WP2 to WP6 to identify regulations, codes and standards (RCS) recommendations concerning the safe storage of compressed hydrogen in composite cylinders and to propose a roadmap for bringing these recommendations to international bodies. The report represents the consensus of the HyComp group regarding RCS recommendations.

Deliverable Report D7.4

The HyCOMP project concerns enhanced design requirements and testing procedures for composite cylinders intended for the safe storage of compressed hydrogen in on-board, transportable and stationary applications.
The objective of this final report is to provide an introduction of the HyCOMP project, an outline of the work done in the different work packages (Section 2.1) and the  project outcomes in terms of recommendations for enhanced design and testing procedures and Regulations, Codes and Standards (RCS) recommendations and roadmap. Finally, the report summarizes the work done to disseminate the project results to the FCH community and international RCS bodies.

Deliverable Report WP7.5

This deliverable aims at presenting the organization of the HyCOMP final dissemination workshop:
objectives, people invited, participants, etc. It serves also as the minutes of the workshop: questions raised, comments made, and answers brought.
At the end a list of possible topics requiring further research is given.

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