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HYCOMP project ended on 31st of March 2014

Low-weight, high-performance hydrogen storage tanks : Low-weight storage and transport of high-energy–density hydrogen is a particular challenge for industry. Scientists are characterising degradation of composite tanks to enable weight reduction while maintaining performance.

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Welcome to the HyCOMP European Project

Enhanced Design Requirements and Testing Procedures for Composite Cylinders intended for the Safe Storage of Hydrogen

Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the extensive use of H2 as an energy vector. Currently, the most mature technology for storing hydrogen is in compressed form in high-pressure cylinders. This technology has already been used for many decades for industrial gases in metallic cylinders at 200 bar.

However, the use of hydrogen as an energy vector places new constraints on compressed gas storage in cylinders. In order to improve the gravimetric and volumetric performance of the storage in cylinders, there is a strong need for lightweight, highly safe and reliable designs of pressure vessels for hydrogen storage in a variety of situations, in particular:

on-board vehicles

transportable cylinders: hand held or in bundles (frames)

as stationary storage, in fuelling stations for instance

for the transportation and delivery of hydrogen (transportable containers)

The major technological route for these designs is the application of composite materials, in particu-lar carbon fiber composites.

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01 July 2014 10 Public deliverables are now available

The objective of these final reports is to provide an introduction of the HyCOMP project, an outline of the work done in the different work packages and the project outcomes in terms of recommendations for enhanced design and...[more]

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